Smart Changeover

This device transfers power supply from GENERATOR to NEPA (public power) and vice versa without interrupting your appliances and also turns OFF your GENERATOR automatically when NEPA power is restored. With this device you can be rest assured of absolute convenience as you can turn OFF your GENERATOR late at night without leaving your bedroom. Sleep with rest of mind with your GENERATOR ON since switching to NEPA and turning OFF your GENERATOR can be done on your behalf by the smart changeover. This device is very durable and reliable with a manual for easy installation (anybody can install it).
You don’t need to do the job anymore, let our smart changeover take care of it #WeGatYou.


Features and Benefits

  • —  It changes over power supply from Generator to NEPA (public power) and vice versa
  • —  It turns off the Generator automatically when NEPA (public power) power is restored.
  • —  Generator start/shutdown switch to turn on/off the generator from your room.
  • —  120A full current rating  with 26KVA Maximum Input.
  • —  500A industrial capacity suitable for duplexes, hotels and companies with heavy load.
  • —  Works for all class of domestic Generators and plants, key starter or not.
  • —  Ultra fast changeover progress; your appliances will not notice the change of power and will not go off.
  • —  Manual override to keep the output supply on Generator even when NEPA power is restored.
  • —  It follows the advised changeover  principle to protect your Generator; it takes the load away from the Gen to NEPA and wait for 5 seconds before shutting down the Gen automatically.
  • —  Very easy to install.
  • —  Surge protector to prevent your appliances from damaging.
  • —  3 years warranty. 24/7 after sales support.

Price —  120A ——- ₦30,000

240A (3 phase capacity) ——- ₦150,000

500A (3 phase industrial capacity) ——- ₦250,000

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Smart Changeover Manual Download pdf