Smart Changeover

This device transfers power supply from GENERATOR to NEPA (public power) and vice versa without interrupting your appliances and also turns OFF your GENERATOR automatically when NEPA power is restored. With this device you can be rest assured of absolute convenience as you can turn OFF your GENERATOR late at night without leaving your bedroom. Sleep with rest of mind with your GENERATOR ON since switching to NEPA and turning OFF your GENERATOR can be done on your behalf by the smart changeover. This device is very durable and reliable with a manual for easy installation (anybody can install it).
You don’t need to do the job anymore let our smart changeover take care of it #WeGatYou.


Price — 120A – N30,000        

400A – N250,000      for duplexes, hotels and companies with heavy equipment.

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Smart Pump

Imagine going to work or sleeping at night with the rest of mind that your water pump can come ON and OFF by itself; No more worries of not pumping water at the appropriate time or water pouring out of the tank when full. Our reliable and durable smart pump is here at your service so you too can live the smart life. No more empty tank because no one was available to turn ON the water pump or water pouring out of the tank and flooding the compound because no one is available to turn it OFF. You can also have the luxury of seeing the water level inside your tank through a screen in real time.
With Smart Pump you are rest assured of water pump coming ON and OFF appropriately with protection from power surge (i.e low or high voltage).


Price — ₦25,000

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Smart Light

Someone forgot to turn OFF the security lights before leaving the house is now history with EMBiNIX Smart Light. This device turns ON the security lights at night and OFF at day automatically without human interference.

Whether anybody is in the house or not, this device turns ON the security lights and OFF at day irrespective of time as long as it is dark or bright.


120A – ₦35,000

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